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Maria Forssmann is 39 years old, a successful psychiatrist with a charming husband, two beautiful daughters, and a son on the way, when she inexplicably wakes up in her 17-year-old body. Desperate to return to her life in the future, Maria finds herself committed to a mental health facility where she meets a doctor who may be able to help her—he’s also a time traveler. He explains that she returned to this time and place for a reason, and only completing her mission will send her back. Miles away in another state, her future husband’s family is about to suffer a terrible tragedy. Maria has the knowledge to prevent it, but doing so would also alter the future and thus erase her marriage. Adlakha’s debut is a truly compelling read, making the reader consider what they would do if offered a second chance, how they might deal with an impossible choice, and what is most important in life. The characters are relatable, the story is gripping, and the blend of domestic fiction with a hint of science fiction is just plain great. Offer it to fans of Kate Atkinson’s Life after Life (2013), Jo Walton’s My Real Children (2014), and book clubs.