Reviews for Stan Lee's The devil's quintet : the armageddon code, a thriller

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Bestselling author Bonansinga brings the late Lee's new kind of superhero to life. A team of five elite special-forces operatives, who go on a mission to prevent a terrorist from getting nuclear material, are betrayed. As they face certain death and torture, they make a deal with the Devil: he will save them and give them powers that align with their personalities or skill sets, but they have to kill certain people as he needs. The Devil might have picked the wrong bunch, though. As soon as they can, they begin to think and plot about how to use their powers to help others and get out of their eternal damnation. The group deals with extremes and lots of violence, but they are fighting for good. Their values and goals are admirable and clearly make the group the good guys readers will root for, but they are not without complexity, which makes the characters even more interesting.

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A Special Ops unit on a secret mission in the fictional Karakistan runs into Satan and acquires superpowers in this kitschy, blood-and-thunder pulp adventure from comics legend Stan Lee (1922–2018) and Bonansinga (Self Storage). Paul “Spur” Candell leads a diverse, five-member team with a reputation for getting the job done, no matter what. But a betrayal on a mission brings them face-to-face with the devil, who offers them a choice: die, or become his infernal agents of evil, and each of them will be imbued with a unique unearthly power. Caught short, the team agrees, but once the devil’s out of sight, they plot to rebel against his wishes, using their new abilities to fight evil instead of causing it. Conveniently, the Scarlet Order, a secret, ancient band of priests spun off from the Knights Templar, arrives to back the newly minted superhero team—complete with a vast armory and a prophecy about the future of the five heroes, who’ve named themselves “The Devil’s Quintet.” While some readers are bound to be disappointed by the thinly drawn characters and plot, action fans will rejoice at this adrenaline-charged series opener, which delivers enough violence and gore for multiple R-rated Hollywood blockbusters. It may be one-dimensional, but it’s still fun. (Jan.)