Reviews for Banana Fox and the Secret Sour Society

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A ditzy detective must stop a more-silly-than-sinister society. Banana Fox, the world-renowned lemon-hued vulpine detective, now works at the Smoothie Shack making his favorite smoothies (banana, natch). One day, a girl Banana Fox nicknames Flashlight (for the cherry-red one she carries) convinces him to once again take up sleuthing. The two meet William, who happens to be the vice president of the Banana Fox Fan Club but more importantly is missing his beloved turtle, Tur-Tur. William loves to drink Super Sour Soda, which tips off Flashlight that the nefarious villains Sour Grapes Jr. (a green fox) and the Sour Apple Gang (you guessed it: green apples) may have infiltrated William’s club. As Flashlight tries to convince the oblivious Banana Fox of the mounting sour clues, Sour Grapes Jr.’s comically dastardly jiggery-pokery is revealed through rampantly zany escapades including flushing toilets, giant turtles, and banana bikes. Kochalka’s graphic series opener positively vibrates off the page with its large illustrations colored in an eye-popping spectrum of pinks, greens, and yellows coupled with ballooning visual gags. If this sounds like a lot of whimsical nonsense bordering on a fever dream, it is. However, those familiar with Kochalka’s trademark tomfoolery should certainly be at home here, where silliness eclipses plot. Flashlight and William are both human; she has brown skin and puffy orange hair, and he presents White. Over-the-top goofiness guarantees abundant giggles. (Graphic humor. 7-10) Copyright © Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.