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For readers unfamiliar with British history, Sedley's latest may be tricky to follow, but there's no doubt it's a gripping and engaging read. Set in seventeenth-century England, it provides a seemingly authentic portrayal of the political upheaval and religious turmoil of the time. It is also a love story starring Cornish beauty Lilias Pengelly, who is just 16 when she and her Puritan father must flee Cornwall to avoid religious persecution. The pair plans to sail for America and a better life, but before embarking, tragedy strikes--a tragedy that will change the course of Lilias' life. Her wild, dark beauty attracts plenty of men, but she eventually marries solid, reliable politician Richard Pride. Once she meets the dashing Earl of Chelwood, though, her heart belongs only to him. But the Earl is married, Cromwell comes to power, a civil war ensues, and Lilias finally flees to America, vowing to return one day. For historical-romance fans interested in English history beyond the Regency period, this is a novel to savor. Not only does Sedley deliver enlightening social commentary and an insightful glimpse into a turbulent historical period not usually covered in the romance genre, she also provides all the necessary staples: handsome heroes, passionate heroines, great tragedy, deep love, shattering heartbreak, and the horrors of war. A top-notch pick for all romance collections. --Emily Melton Copyright 2006 Booklist